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The Thunder Series is A10's premium product family delivering high performance application networking solutions up to 155 Gbps.
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Thunder Series
Next-generation Application Service Gateways

The A10 Thunder Series is our premium product family delivering our highest performance application networking solutions up to 155 Gbps, integrating expanded system resources to support future feature needs, and offering our broadest array of physical, virtual and hybrid form factors. The Thunder Series offers a portfolio of Application Service Gateways that address a range of customer needs:

A10 Networks Thunder ADC Series

Thunder ADC Hardware Appliances:

The A10 Thunder ADC line of appliances fits all size networks with entry-level models starting at 5 Gbps and moving up to a 153 Gbps high-performance appliance for your most demanding requirements. All models are dual power supply-capable, feature solid-state drives (SSDs) and use no inaccessible moving parts for high availability. All models benefit from "Flexible Traffic Acceleration" (FTA) technology, with select models featuring field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) for hardware optimized FTA processing; this provides highly scalable flow distribution and distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection capabilities.

Select models include dedicated security processors for SSL offload, switching and routing processors for high-speed network processing, and lights-out management (LOM) support for out-of-band monitoring and management. Each appliance offers the best performance per rack unit and the highest level "80 PLUS Platinum" certification for power supplies to ensure a green solution and reduce power consumption costs. Coupled with high density 1 GbE, 10 GbE, 40 GbE, and 100 GbE port options, Thunder ADC meets the highest networking bandwidth demands.

vThunder Virtual Appliances:

The vThunder ADC line of virtual appliances is designed to meet the growing needs of organizations requiring a flexible and easy-to-deploy application delivery and server load balancer solution running within a virtualized infrastructure or public cloud service. Each vThunder instance has a full set of features that can run atop your choice of commodity hardware and also your choice of leading hypervisor; for example, VMware ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM, Oracle VM and XenServer. vThunder ADC for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are also available for cloud deployment. Powered by our aCloud services, the vThunder line is also available from leading cloud service providers.

Thunder Hybrid Virtual Appliances (HVA):

Offering you the combined flexibility of a virtual appliance and the power of the performance optimized hardware appliances, A10 Thunder HVA appliances enable multi-tenancy with multiple vThunder virtual appliances running on dedicated, turnkey hardware appliances with a high density of instances that are strongly isolated from each other, each with its own dedicated ACOS instance and dedicated compute resources. The fact that each instance can use dedicated SSL security processor technology with Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV) to offload and accelerate SSL sessions is a key hardware advantage. All vThunder ADC instances are included within the HVA appliance.

A10 Thunder Series are ADC (Application Delivery Controllers) which provide Unified Application Service Gateway functionality by consolidating premium solution modules for intelligent Cloud services in the most efficient form factors. Built on A10's scalable and flexible Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) architecture, the A10 Thunder Series platforms consolidate stand-alone solutions such as ADCs, Server Load Balancers, Carrier Grade NAT (CGNAT), IPv6 Migration, DNS Application Firewall, Web Application Firewall (WAF), SSL Intercept, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection, Application Access Management (AAM), and more, without license fees.