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The virtualized version of the Thunder Series appliances, vThunder runs atop your choice of industry leading hypervisor for maximum flexibility.

vThunder Series

vThunder virtual appliances are available for both application delivery controller (ADC) and carrier grade networking (CGN) product lines. With vThunder virtual appliances you gain a flexible and easy-to-deploy appliance featuring advanced services for any enterprises, web giant or service provider, on demand.

The vThunder ADC provides advanced L4-7 ADC services (including security) and server load balancing (SLB). The vThunder CGN provides IPv4 scaling with carrier grade NAT (CGNAT) and IPv6 migration capabilities. Additionally, as part of our aCloud Services Architecture, vThunder is a key enabler for Cloud IaaS data centers.

For predictable performance our Thunder hybrid virtual appliances (HVA) also runs your choice vThunder virtual instances. vThunder provides the same feature set and Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS) as Thunder Series hardware appliances, enabling the same operational experience.


  • Rapid deployment.
    Software images facilitate the download as well as deployment to your virtualized infrastructure - there's no hardware that needs shipping - and that means fast time to operation.
  • Consolidate your infrastructure and have multiple tenants on a single instance.
    In addition to running multiple vThunder instances on a single physical server, application delivery partition (ADP) and layer 3 virtualization (L3V) functionality provides the ability to further segment vThunder instances for higher levels of multi-tenancy.
  • High-performance with no feature limitations.
    Each vThunder virtual appliance includes all ADC or CGN features, with versions licensed by bandwidth up to 8 Gbps on commodity hardware or aggregate throughput up to 100 Gbps on Thunder HVA platforms.
  • Enable dynamic service chaining.
    Service chaining down to tenant and/or workload levels, granular policy enforcement per virtual appliance and support for high density multi-tenancy architecture provides flexibility for demanding environments such as Cloud IaaS providers.
  • Dynamic Operation and Provisioning
    The A10 aXAPI management API and hypervisor management software can be configured to provide repeatable deployment templates. For day-to-day operations that adds additional value by automatically assigning resources and adjust the configuration to meet capacity demands as needed.
  • Reduce Opex and Capex.
    vThunder can reduce help you reduce capital expenditure, and at the same time reduce operational costs by allowing more efficient use of resources. For example, multiple virtual machines utilizing the same hardware and not occupying dedicated data center rack space per instance.
  • Ideally suited for developer, lab or test use cases.
    For network administrators and support personnel on-demand access to virtual instances can increase knowledge, help troubleshoot or stage production environments.

Sample Features And Technology

vThunder Virtual Appliances

  • vThunder ADC
  • vThunder CGN

Other vThunder Products

vThunder HVA

Thunder hybrid virtual appliances (HVA) deliver hardware acceleration and hypervisor-based strong isolation supporting high performance multi-tenancy and service chaining. The Thunder HVA family offers multiple independent virtualized application delivery controller (ADC) and virtualized carrier grade networking (CGN) functionality on a single hardware device resulting in lower Capex and Opex for new or existing ADC, server load balancing, security, IPv4 scaling and IPv6 migration projects.

With Thunder HVA appliances, IaaS Cloud operators can enable their tenants to spawn new instances on demand, and support dynamic L4-7 service insertion according to tenant-defined or provider-defined policies.

Thunder HVA hardware virtualization appliances supports multi-tenancy with support for multiple vThunder instances with a strong tenant isolation, data separation and individual policy management. Thunder HVA is designed to simplify data center architecture and operations by offering high performance hardware and software in a compact form factor optimized for data center deployments.

vThunder for AWS

vThunder for Amazon Web Services (AWS) is available as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI), offering a comprehensive feature of advanced L4-7 services. vThunder for AWS is an application delivery controller (ADC) and server load balancing (SLB) solution for an AWS environment. Unifying vThunder with the AWS infrastructure ensures feature parity across your physical, virtual and cloud computing environments. This solution enables rapid provisioning and on-demand access to the computing resources with minimal management efforts.

vThunder for Microsoft Azure

vThunder for Microsoft Azure is available as a virtual machine image (VMI), offering a comprehensive feature set of advanced L4-7 services. A10 brings all the sophistication of its leading application delivery controllers (ADC) and advanced server load balancing (SLB) solutions to Azure. Unifying vThunder with the Azure infrastructure ensures critical feature support across your physical, virtual and cloud computing environments. This solution enables rapid provisioning and on-demand access to cloud computing resources with minimal management efforts so that consistent policies can be enforced across private and public clouds.

vThunder Pay-as-you-Go (for Cloud IaaS data centers)

The vThunder Pay-as-you-Go licensing model enables Cloud IaaS providers to offer and deliver advanced L4-7 and networking tenant services with automated metering, reporting, billing and license management. Both application delivery controller (ADC) and carrier grade networking (CGN) product lines are available via the vThunder Pay-as-you-Go model. The licensing model enables cloud IaaS providers to offer on-demand services to their customers on a subscription basis, similar to the way they offer compute and storage services.

vThunder Pay-as-you-Go is purpose-built for IaaS cloud service providers (CSP) to offer the most flexible, easy-to-deploy and operate subscription-based offering to their customers.

Supported Hypervisors

  • VMware ESXi 4.0 or higher
  • KVM
  • Citrix XenServer 6.0 or higher (ADC only)
  • Microsoft Hyper-V (ADC only)


  • Lab/Developer Edition Production
  • Entry Level/Lab Editions: 200 Mbps and 1 Gbps
  • Production - High-performance
  • Editions: 4 Gbps and 8 Gbps

Standard Warranty

90-day software