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A10 AX ADC is built upon A10's ACOS® platform, with Symmetric Scalable Multi-Core Processing (SSMP) software architecture that delivers high performance options for dedicated, hosted or cloud data centers.
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AX ADC Series
High Performance Application Delivery Controllers

The AX Series Advanced Traffic Manager family from A10 Networks is designed to meet the growing demands of Web and Triple-Play Services (data, voice, video). The AX offers intelligent Layer 4-7 application processing capabilities with industry-leading performance and scalability to meet critical business requirements at competitive prices, resulting in the industry's best price/performance solution.

The AX Series integrates modern multi-core, multi-threaded OS technologies (ACOS) with A10's Flexible Traffic ASIC, switch/route ASIC and SSL Acceleration ASIC to provide performance advantages.

Leveraging Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) technologies used in super-computing, the AX uses a decoupled multi-CPU architecture with simultaneous high-speed memory access to process application traffic in true parallel fashion, without the need to copy data or replicate computing instructions.

ACOS, standard in all AX models, provides true linear scalability of Layer 4-7 application features - for acceleration, availability, and security. The AX Series includes secure email services, Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB), comprehensive firewall load balancing, video/voice acceleration, IPv4 and IPv6 traffic management, and SSL and non-SSL server load balancing.

ACOS Operating System

A10 AX Series is a family of hardware appliances ready to match your deployment need. Each AX Series appliance is powered by ACOS software, which brings a unique combination of shared memory accuracy and efficiency, 64-bit scalability and advanced flow processing.

AX Series line of hardware ADC appliances fits all size networks with entry-level models starting at 7.5 Gbps and moving up to a 115 Gbps high-performance appliance for your most demanding requirements. All models are dual power supply capable, feature solid-state drives (SSDs) and utilize no inaccessible moving parts for high availability. All models benefit from our Flexible Traffic Acceleration (FTA) technology, with select models featuring field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) for hardware optimized FTA processing; this provides highly scalable flow distribution and distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection capabilities.

Also, in select models, dedicated security processors provide SSL offload, and switching and routing processors provide high-performance network processing. Each appliance offers high performance per rack unit and efficient power supplies to ensure a green solution and reduce power consumption costs. Coupled with high density 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps and 40 Gbps port options, AX ADC appliances meet the highest networking bandwidth demands.

Additional management options are also available to enhance your AX Series infrastructure. A10's aGalaxy® line of hardware and software appliances centrally manage all AX Series appliances for streamlined operations, resulting in reduced OPEX.