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Using a modular, agent-less approach, ID Series connects into multiple user directories, operating systems and networking devices, enabling a series of advanced identity management functionality.
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ID Series
Increased Application Performance and Data Center Efficiency

The A10 Networks ID Series is the industry’s only network identity management appliance with instant user identity resolution, which helps organizations save hours everyday and minimize risk by resolving security issues faster. The ID Series is built on a flexible, virtual directory model for rapid integration with existing network infrastructure and support for a variety of popular data stores to help simplify today’s complex identity resource management, authentication and security issues.

ID Series Main Components

Central Account Management with Unified IDentity Manager (UIM) Simplifying user account management through the consolidation of user information from multiple data stores into a single, manageable virtual directory.

ID Series’s UIM component provides provisioning, management and de-provisioning of user accounts from one central interface allowing for quick changes, which can be synchronized across all data stores to help improve accuracy, usability and security while lowering overhead.

User Self-Help Web Portal for Password Resets and Account Updates

Application protocol classification techniques extend above simple Layer 3 and 4 (IP and port) combinations. Using A10’s deep packet inspection techniques enables the EX to identify application protocols for positive application identification. These techniques enable the EX to identify application protocols that use port hopping, port tunneling, and encryption.

Centralized RADIUS Authentication for Simplified Sign-on

Providing a consolidated solution to help simplify user authentication. The ID Series can easily integrate with existing account infrastructure to help simplify the authentication process for users and strengthen authentication mechanisms for devices such as VPNs, wireless access points, switches, routers and security devices.

The ID Series is a fully featured RADIUS server with powerful extensions allowing RADIUS requests to be fulfilled by non-RADIUS servers such as Active Directory, LDAP, UNIX, SQL and many more, removing the need for RADIUS specific usernames and passwords.

IP-to-ID or MAC-to-IP Service for Instant Identity Resolution

Find out who is on your network with the unique ability to correlate an IP, ID or MAC address to a user identity, instantly. ID’s IP-to-ID Service eliminates the need to manually correlate IP, ID or MAC addresses to user identity and allows IT engineers to take corrective action immediately to lower security risks and potential damage.

IP-to-ID Services provide multiple access methods to obtain user identity information for truly seamless integration with existing security, network and software applications.

Authenticated DHCP and Guest Access Services

The ID Series DHCP server can be enhanced by enabling Authenticated DHCP, which provides the ability to quarantine non-authenticated users and prevent unauthorized network access. A Guest Access web portal and web administration portal are also included.