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Elfiq Networks’ Link Balancers enable the use of multiple concurrent bandwidth providers to ensure maximum performance and uptime. With Elfiq, unreliable Internet access is a thing of the past.
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Elfiq Networks

Internet Access Resilience and Performance for Any Organization

Internet Telephony Editors Choide Award

Organizations of all sizes and missions depend on the Internet to deliver their value proposition and perform daily business tasks. Without the Internet, operations become complex and costly and this is where Elfiq Networks’ Link Balancer product family can ensure smooth Internet access while keeping operational costs under control.

The Elfiq Link Balancer product line enables organizations of all sizes to utilize and manage multiple concurrent Internet Service Providers and private WAN links simply and securely to balance the traffic load to meet and exceed their bandwidth needs.

Elfiq Link Balancers

Key Benefits

Elfiq Networks 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
"Elfiq Networks is convinced that their products will meet and exceed your expectations, so if you are not completely satisfied they will refund your purchase within 30 days."
  • Business Continuity for All
    By employing multiple ISPs using multiple carrier technologies, the risk of downtime is significantly reduced so if one carrier is unavailable at least another one is able to ensure continuity.
  • Faster Internet Access
    Multiple concurrent carriers mean more available bandwidth for users, services and applications so no one waits and roductivity is enhanced.
  • Lower Telecom Costs
    Low-cost bandwidth providers offering services over xDSL, cable modem, local fiber or fixed wireless can be used to lower monthly telecom expenses.
  • Balanced Incoming Traffic
    Inbound traffic can benefit from multiple carriers to provide enhanced performance and uptime for customers and remote users.
  • The Failsafe with a Failsafe
    Elfiq Networks is the only manufacturer of link balancers to offer both high availability units and a bypass mode in case of hardware unit failure. Even if the Elfiq unit stops operating, your organization does not, and that’s true business continuity value for all.


Elfiq Networks has been providing market-leading Link Balancing products since 2004, delivering a trusted solution used in over 110 countries. With Elfiq products, it is not uncommon to find customers with over 10,000 hours of uptime delivering nonstop consistent Internet access for the organization.

Internet Telephony Editors Choide Award

"Elfiq is an appliance that no company should be without! I have 2x 100Mbps fiber connections and in the last month BOTH have failed (at different times). Elfiq did what it was designed to do and my users experienced ZERO downtime!

I even had to go and inform senior management that we were in failover mode - they had no indication. To top it all off, I was the one to inform my ISP's they were down thanks to the Elfiq's email alerts I received!"

Dan Elder, IT Manager
Sprott Asset Management


Elfiq Networks offers the only true Layer-2 based Link Balancer on the market, enabling a new level of simplicity. The key benefit of this strategic product design is a seamless implementation of the Link Balancer in the new environment as no changes are required to existing systems such as firewalls, VPN gateways and routers.

This translates into direct cost savings since implementations are shorter, safer and the Elfiq LAN Failsafe feature guarantees connectivity even when the unit loses power.


Customers are able to choose the right solution for their needs without sacrificing performance. Even the entry-level model offers enterprise-class performance and features not available anywhere else in this product category, within budgets. Enterprise clients will find gigabit-class delivery of bandwidth with the ability to support millions of concurrent sessions.